Уголь Восточного и Северного Казахстана, уголь Караганды

Карагандинские угли

3. Рапид
5. обогащенный уголь Сабурхан
6. Борлинский

Северный Казахстан

3. Марка Т

Восточный Казахстан

Frequent frustration (1 in 10–100 cases): loose stools, nausea. Infrequent disorders (1 per 100–1000 cases): eosinophilia, fungal superinfection, lack of appetite, agitation, hyperactivity, headaches, taste disorders, dizziness, sleep disorders, vomiting, flatulence, pain in the stomach / intestines, increased activity of liver enzymes, itching, increased bilirubin, musculoskeletal pains, statutory pains, rash, urticaria, renal impairment, fever, fatigue https://rxonpharm.com. Rare disorders (1 in 1–10 thousand cases): changes in the number of leukocytes, anemia (anemia), inflammation of the colon, decreased platelet count, sugar levels, allergic reactions, confusion, depression with the appearance of suicidal thoughts, pathological dreams, changes in sensitivity , dizziness, trembling, convulsions, impaired vision, lowering blood pressure, hearing disorders, tachycardia, fainting, disorders of the liver, asphyxiation, jaundice, hepatitis, muscle pain, sun intolerance light (photosensitivity), inflammation of the joints, muscle cramps, increased muscle tone, kidney failure, nephritis, blood / crystals in the urine, increased amylase activity.

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